This is gonna scare me at least

2013-10-07 by Local Minimum

Still struggling with materials and lighting to look decent, but with really rushing through making textures, it still looks convincingly scary.

Fully textured model

2013-10-06 by Local Minimum

I gave it a try to make a crayon type of kids colouring toy. I should have thought about smoothness and feel before adding the paper to it, but I think the model is all right as it stands now. I suck at lighting though, and I had to toss in way to many light sources and play for a long time to get the the current state.

Testing Level Section Layout

2013-09-29 by Local Minimum

Being bored with trying to work with textures, I made a composition of what could become the first section of the child phase of the game. It's nice to have many toys laying around. It gives a feeling of a world populated stuff. Putting it together like this, I figured it would have the effect of me wanting to make a full playable demo concept of the first section, but now I rather feel like watching TV instead.

I also realize that if I've put almost all items I've done for the child phase into this one shot and feel like I don't want to take any of them out. So I guess it's either going to be a lot of repetition or a lot of content making. Anyhow, I'm quite pleased with how it's comming along.

First steps in textures pipeline

2013-09-29 by Local Minimum

My best aim at creating textures so far is to mark seams on my object and make a UV map by unwrapping them all. Then export the UV as image and use that image as background in Paint.Net and Inkscape to do graphics. Specular maps will have to come later, but at least it looks decent.

New game content

2013-09-28 by Local Minimum

Here's an example of some intended in-game content for the next version of the game. It is a construction toy for the first episode of the nightmare -- the sand box. I think it shows, though I've yet to figure out a reasonable way to texture the objects, that I've gotten quite far in Blender

New mechanics and demands

2013-09-21 by Local Minimum

New character motor has been implemented (borrowed from unity default). There's a decent GUI for displaying information and not only printing text right onto screen. Tweening of game elements tested as well. Basically all fundamentals of the core mechanic has been coded and tested. Everything much smoother and friendlier now.

New story and feel

2013-09-15 by Local Minimum

The new version will be a nightmarish experience, a dark world with ghastly sounds. Still you will run past obstacles and such, but the worlds will be themed as a metaphorical progression of a life span and the angsts one may encounter during the different phases of ones existence.

The world will still rotate with short intervals, there will still be power ups, there will be a high score board and probably achievements as well.

Ludum Dare #27 ratings and comments

2013-09-14 by Local Minimum

The game's top rating category was innovation (#265) and the second merit of the game was fun. This was quite understandable, there were some obvious problems with the game, mostly controls were really crappy (and people still thinking it was sort of fun...), lack of story.

Mostly those boils down to lack of experience, and not that it's a bad game idea or mechanic. At least that's how I'll interpret it, and hence I have started to work on a new version of the same game. From scratch.

Ludum Dare #27 version

2013-09-02 by Local Minimum

During the 48h compo race the entire game was created from scratch with no prior knowledge (almost) of any of the tools utilized. The game is a 3D platformer without story, you just run, and run and try to make it to the end. Each leg of the level has its own particular challenges, but some things are common. You have 10s to get to the white pad, there is a quirky music track, there are pills that will boost your speed.

The entire game takes little more than a minute to play, but quite some time to perfect well enough to get onto the score board.

High Scores

Ludum Dare #27 version

1G=(N, E)20336
2G=(N, E)20295
3G=(N, E)20234
4G=(N, E)20233
5G=(N, E)20145
7G=(N, E)20093
8G=(N, E)20090
9Shortest Path20025
10G=(N, E)19985
13G=(N, E)19965
14G=(N, E)19949
16Bitch please19939
17G=(N, E)19905
18G=(N, E)19874
19Bitch please19855
20G=(N, E)19799
22G=(N, E)19736
23Bitch please19686
24Niek is a butt19661