Who am I?

Local Minimum is The Local Minimum is a well defined and strictly compartmentalized persona roaming the gamedev habitat of the binary world. It was conceived well before Internet was as common as the fork in your cupboard, roaming BBS:s, hacking DOS-config files and writing embryos of programs. This first larval stage was so distinct in all its expressions and appearances, that science long considered it a different species entirely. Due to malnutrition, unfortunate alignment of celestial bodies, and unlucky roll of two T12 dice against 7.

Bad Bricks

Some bricks in the facade have gone rouge! The usurpers have started whispering and infecting close by bricks with their bad ideas. As they progress, they become rowdy and loose all their supporting function. The structural stability of the facade is at risk and you, my trusted mason must quickly identified the bad bricks, hammer them to pieces and put in new sound ones in before the building collapses.

Crush the Candy King Saga

You take the role of an oppressed citizen trying to stop the king from wasting the nation’s resources on playing a silly bejewel-like game.

Gnus and Zeppelins

You are an evil scientist herding gnus back to your research lab to do evil experiments on them. And as the gentleman you are, you do this from your zeppelin. Because as everyone knows, it is a comfortable mode of transportation, and the wilderbeast are dead scared of the shadow it casts. Of course.

cube sphere pyramid

A quite minimalistic, crazy, almost top down sphere hunting bonanza. You are Cube. You hunt the grazing spheres, while avoiding the disgusting pyramids. Eating anything makes you dizzy. Most things makes you dizzy. It is probably quite the trip to play under the influence of Your Favourite Drug.

Total Knowledge Domination

Abstract game where you battle your friends over the internet or a brutal AI to gain control over parts of Wikipedia. The game sets a stage of 7 related Wikipedia articles from one of Wikipedias lists of things. You get tossed to a random article as starting point. Your job is to via the names of the links on each article navigate yourself to the 7 targets before your enemy does.

Run With The Revolution

It’s a first person shooter in a revolving world. Each level you have ten seconds to complete before the world turns and you die. There are power up pills that boost your speed, but mostly it’s about running really focused. There’s one world with nine levels on it.

Shape My Future

The first chapter in the series of games that cannot be completed, won or what have you. This puzzle has and adverse entity narrating your feeble progress and meager cognitive skills. If you are exceptionally persistent, you might get to the final level, but upon reaching it, you will know. There is no way getting further.

The Turmeric Jam Jar's No-name Game

You are like no-one else, assembled from doll limbs and random scraps. Quite alone and in a world indifferent to you and your problems. However, you’ve always been resourceful and thus you set out with the master plan. To build someone like you.

Harm No Human

In a distant future, Andersen’s Fully Autonomous Networks (AFAN) is a successful robot manufacturer and has been for several generations. For their newest model they’ve taken design inspiration for the 20th century gas pump. Its utility is quite similar - to charge nearby units with its revolutionary nano-scaled TOKAMAK fusion reactor. However, this particular unit has a reactor cooling system malfunction and is ready to go nuclear at any second. Navigate to safety without killing any humans.